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As a leader in the photographic industry, Nikon has mastered the world of digital technology. Nikon is at the forefront of precision manufacturing and development of progressive designs, in the constantly advancing field of lens technology.   Nikon Presio I Digital
  Advanced Digital Surfacing Technology  Optimization through Nikon Expertise  
Nikon Presio i Digital is a new aspheric progressive lens perfectly designed to meet the challenge of presbyope who desires high standard of visual comfort at all distances throughout the day, ideal for emerging presbyopes as well as active people  .   Nikon Presio I Digital
Nikon digital Surfacing Technology is the backbone of Presio i Digital providing increased image resolution with greater precision. Designed only once the order is received to achieve a optimized surface with reduced aberrations. 

Sharp and Clear Vision

Presio i Digital is combined with a sophisticated calculation engine and the latest in processing technology, providing sharp vision for enhanced visual comfort. Wider Far and Near Vision

Nikon Presio I Digital  Aberration level reduced by up to 16% vs conventional lens 
Nikon Presio I Digital  Far vision area increased by up to 12% vs conventional lens 
Nikon Presio I Digital  Near Vision area increased by up to 50% vs conventional lens 

Designed only once the order is received, the optimization process starts by analyzing point by point where the power should be, delivering more controlled and wider visual areas. 
Presio i Digital
Presio i Digital  
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Flatbush Optical has two locations in Brooklyn, one near Brooklyn College the other on Church St. near Prospect Park and Coney Island Ave. Serving the neighborhoods of East Flatbush, Prospet Park South, Mapleton, Brownsville, Crown Heights, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Garrison Beach.

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