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We have an onsite state-of-the-art optical lab because it is important to us that we can control our quality. With our large inventory of designer sunglasses and designer eyeglasses, we can have your new look customized for you the same day in many cases! Stop in or call today!!
nikon presio lens
Nikon introduces Presio Power a new generation of progressive lenses specially engineered to optimize both visual acuity and wearing comfort, eliminating virtually all adaptation problems.

Throughout more than half a century of spectacle lens design, Nikon has been committed to optical technology and through this, further bringing better visual performance to the spectacle lens wearer.
nikon presio lens
Presio Power is a progressive lens designed to be very easy to adapt and delivering superb visual clarity and sharp vision.  Presbyopes may have experienced difficulties when initially adjusting or seeing comfortably with progressive lenses.

Two New Nikon Technologies to optimise visual acuity and wearing comfort
Nikon Presio Lenses   nikon presio lenses
Fast Adaptation
The area mostly used around the eye has been made as wide as possible by lowering the levels of aberrations present in that area.

Benefit: Drastic reduction of initial wear discomfort translating into fast adaptation.
  The levels of aberrations have been lowered around the pupil area, providing an incredibly wide intermediate vision area therefore instant adaptation.
presio lenses by Nikon
Conventional Lens
presio lenses by Nikon
Presio Power Lens
Nikon Presio Lenses   nikon presio lenses
Minimized Optical Aberrations
Aberrations and distortions are generated in all progressive lenses. To minimize them and offer the best possible vision, a Progressive Power Aberration Filter surface, calculated point by point for each prescription has been applied on the back Surface.

Benefit: Drastic reduction of optical aberrations translating into superb visual acuity.
  Optical aberrations are reduced providing the greatest possible visual clarity and sharpness. 
presio lenses by Nikon
Conventional Lens
presio lenses by Nikon
Presio Power Lens
Nikon Optical Design Engine
Presio Power is designed based on Nikon Proprietary Optical calculation system. This engine is the core system used to design all Nikon lenses for camera, stepper, and all other lenses including ophthalmic lenses. It includes all Nikon optical know how. The lens back surface is designed one by one after ordering. 
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Flatbush Optical has two locations in Brooklyn, one near Brooklyn College the other on Church St. near Prospect Park and Coney Island Ave. Serving the neighborhoods of East Flatbush, Prospet Park South, Mapleton, Brownsville, Crown Heights, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Garrison Beach.

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